Hello Everyone,


My name is Aurus J. Sanchez I am very passionate and I specialize in the Art of Conversation, Public Speaking and Interviewing. I go around the country to different High Schools, Colleges, Professional Organizations and other venues where I have conducted many successful Workshops and Seminars.


I have had the opportunity to engage and speak at venues where the age range of my audience continuously changes anywhere from a 15 year old youngster all the way to 45 year old men and women professionals.


I also have spoken to crowds of 15 all the way to an entire audience of 1500 people. And within the first six months of the website being launched, more than 20,000 visitors had gone aboard and read the refreshing material.


Articles are written every week with high emphasis on quality, comprehensiveness, and usefulness.



What I Love:
Family Vacations, Movies, Love to write Fiction Character Dialogue, Conduct Seminars/workshops, Read books, Run, Practicing French, Meet new people, Dancing Salsa, Rainy days, The Color Red, 80’s music, Laughter, Japanese and Dominican Food, Handball.






And now for something personal …

I’m sharing this with you because I pride myself on honesty and being upfront with everyone who visits my website.


There has been several occasions where people have come up to me after my Seminars and Workshops and congratulated me saying “Aurus its so easy for you to be a Speaker or even a Conversationalist because your just naturally talented but for the rest of us it’s so difficult.” How would I know that your Workshops/Seminars will help me?


Well, remember the separation of talent and skill is the greatest misunderstood concept for people who are trying to excel. You might have talent but the only way to master your talent and skill is by hours, hours and hours of beating on your craft. There is no easy way around it no matter how talented you are. Talent is going to be a failure if your not skilled. And to achieve that level you need to dedicate, study and practice your art.


And that’s exactly what I have done in order to appear that Communication comes naturally to me. I have practiced my art for thousands of hours  and decided to focus and master Communication.



 I want to say that I was shy for many years and I understand the struggle that many of you have but some of you would say who cares about shyness! Who isn’t shy?


I also fear public speaking so much that I once peed myself during high school before giving a presentation. Even till today before I get on stage I get stomach aces, huge attacks of nerves and sweat all over my body.


But my greatest challenge has been the struggle with my speech impediment which has been my stutter since I was a youngster. There was many occasions where just telling my name to others would be such a battle.  But there came a day that I told myself that even with this situation that I had I was not going to let this stop me. I would raise my standards! 


And from that day without going to speech therapy I began to learn to deal with it. I now can speak very clear and fluent that many deny my “speech impediment.” But there are days that I cannot control it and it takes over. Its something I will have to deal with for the rest of my life. But I’m here to say that whatever I teach will definitely help you improve your skills because there was a time where I was there!


“We can change our lives. We can do, have, and be exactly what we wish.”



If any questions please don’t hesitate and either email me or tweet me a direct message and I will gladly respond back.

Contact me: aurussanchez1234@hotmail.com

Twitter: @SanchezAurus

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