There’s a big difference between a good speaker and a great speaker, and people know it.



Aurus J. Sanchez is an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker that never fails to deliver. Aurus is as energetic on stage, as he is empathetic towards high school, college students and other professionals  who want to improve their Conversation, Interview and Public Speaking Skills.


We are all aware of how brutal it is to sit in an audience, listening to some ‘expert’ just talk and talk, as they walk around the stage.


 Aurus makes sure to keep things entertaining and interactive, by keeping all of his presentations up-to-date with humor, amusing stories and examples to drive his point home. He often mixes tricks in his presentations and he interacts with the attendees directly.


Attendees will walk away with specific actionable items that they can incorporate in their lives immediately to help them become the ultimate conversationalist.


Almost all of Aurus sessions are based around the ‘How To’ mentally of getting things done.


By the time attendees are done digesting his presentations, they genuinely have something of value to take away, and more importantly, to take action on – holding themselves accountable to actually making the most out of the investment they made in attending.




Aurus is comfortable with a number of different formats and is happy to tailor to your needs:


Current Speaking Topics


1) How To Become The Ultimate Conversationalist Anywhere You Go

Aurus will show you how to become the ultimate conversationalist and be unique during conversation. 


2) How To Become The Ultimate Speaker (Ace your Next Speech/Presentation)

 Aurus will teach you how Ace your Next Speech/Presentation.


 3) How To Become The Ultimate Interviewer and Get Hired

Aurus will teach you the right things to say and do at your next interview. 



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Aurus is an engaging and charismatic speaker. From attending several of Aurus speaking functions, I noticed that he captures the attention of his audience with his tone changes, hypnotic stories and amazing hand gestures. The crowd goes wild and he is an up and coming public speaker that deserves to be recognized world-wide!

Katharine H. Filipovic (Founder and President of Hands on Money & Toastmasters Speaker)

Aurus  possesses a soft and gentle and yet sparkling personality. As a public speaker, his personality translates into a dynamic expression of warmth, humor and intelligence. This is a rare combination that he seems to integrate effortlessly. He is a pleasure to watch and listen to. I know whatever he does he will go about his work with determination and warmth and so, achieve great things. For these reasons, I highly recommend Aurus Sanchez as an inspirational speaker.

Vinnie Cuccia (Adjunct Lecturer at Kingsborough Community College/CUNY Effective Public Speaking)
Aurus Sanchez’s Workshop “How To Become The Ultimate Conversationalist” was very effacious. He taught the audience as well as entertaining them, which is something that can be hard to accomplish as a speaker. To me, he achieved being “The Ultimate Conversationalist” and would love to see more.
Korrinne Hernandez (Majoring in Education)


Aurus J Sanchez is a very captivating and informative  speaker. He has great interpersonal skills which he demonstrates in his presentations. His real life situations and examples really drive his main point of the discussion home. I believe anyone who attends his seminars will rep the benefits from it. In Everyones life business or not, we need good communication skills. Good communication skills come from the ability to converse with others. Aurus shows people step by step the conversation process. I happened to attend one of his presentations, How to become the ultimate conversationalist and was very impressed. As a business man I know the importance of a good conversation. A good conversation is essential in project managing and customer satisfaction. This is why people should take advantage of his seminars, you’ll develop good building blocks for opening and continuing conversations.
Joshua Maltzman (KEMO Productions Project manager)

I had the pleasure of hosting Aurus Sanchez’s workshop series How To Become the Ultimate Conversationalist in the Men’s Resource Center at Kingsborough Community College.  Aurus was the ultimate professional.  It was a pleasure watching him skillfully engage a room full of students in the art of conversation.  His was charming and witty demeanor captivated the audience as he shared a wealth of information that informed, engaged and enlightened our students.

Michael Rodriguez (Program Manager The Men’s Resource Center Kingsborough Community College)

When you first encounter Aurus J. Sanchez his captivating personality reaches out and grabs you and holds you while you enter into his unexpected event of conversational approaches and methodologies. He is so sincerely charming that you just want to get up and hug the little bastard. He explains his expertise with such genuine useful honesty, that you can’t help but get up and cheer for him.

Brian Rosemburg (Broadway Actor)

On April 30th, 2015, Aurus J. Sanchez gave a presentation titled “How to Become the Ultimate Conversationalist” at York College to the Human Resource Club. Main points included; key questions to ask during conversations, dealing with awkward silences, how to be a better listener, and becoming more confident. The presentation ended with a discussion of helpful books for further reading and a question and answer session. The feedback from students was positive!

Phoebe Massimino (Ph.D. Assistant Professor York College of the City University of New York)


Aurus Sanchez was a student in my web design class for two years so I had the pleasure of witnessing his phenomenal rapport with his classmates and adults alike. He had such an engaging personality and his ability to connect to everyone was truly amazing. The ease in which Aurus infused his sense of humor, commentary and personal insight into his projects was always done so effortlessly and naturally. So when Aurus contacted me to present a workshop on communication skills to my students, I got excited for what the student’s were going to witness. Aurus was a natural in front of the class. He caught the attention of the youngsters and engaged them right from the beginning. A few of my shyer students expressed their gratitude with the presentation and stated how they would immediately begin to implement some of his suggestions. The presentation was a complete success, so much so that students are asking when he will return.

Sandra Cruz (Web Design Teacher at Thomas A. Edison Career & Technical Education High School)

Mr. Sanchez is a dynamic and passionate Public Speaker.  His presentation titled: “How to Become the Ultimate Conversationalist” was informative and offered the audience unique alternatives to initiating conversations both socially and in the workplace.  Mr. Sanchez interacted with the audience using humor and real life situations in order encourage our students to explore their experiences and possible struggles initiating conversations with others.  I feel the sharing of his personal story and journey to overcome shyness, and improve his ability to create new experiences in meeting people was inspiring.  Mr.Sanchez is an exceptional speaker and its apparent that his passion for providing information aimed at inspiring others to take the necessary steps to create change in their life is what made his presentation a success.

Frances Robinson (LMSW Program Manager/The Women’s Center Kingsborough Community College)

Aurus brings a unique mix of curiosity, charisma, and work ethic that is rarely seen among polished professionals.. His poise, sense of humor, and wealth of useful information immediately captures your attention and holds it throughout his presentations.

Jim Hopkinson (Author, Speaker and President of Hopkinson Creative Media)
loyal client

On June 25, 2015, Aurus J. Sanchez was the keynote speaker at George J. Ryan’s commencement ceremony. He immediately captured the attention of the graduates with his story about a friend named “Larry”. Being an alumnus of Ryan, he was able to make connections with the audience like no other speaker. Aurus was very charismatic, well spoken, and passionate about his message to the graduating class. His ability to tell topical stories made the 1500 seated arena sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation. He received great reviews from the staff, parents, and students. His contribution is a large reason why our graduation ceremony was a success.

Mr. Patrick Roberts (Assistant Principal MS 216)
happy client